Stop/Play/Open in Studio buttons on serialized event references


A colleague of mine recently asked me to add those buttons to serialized FMOD events. I did, but our team is against modifying the source code of the plugin, so we decided to offer this feature on the forum.

(I simply copied the existing code from the FMOD Event Browser with slight modifications)


Just to clarify, by “offer this feature” do you mean that you’re requesting this feature?


Yes :slight_smile:

(I tried to edit the post but couldn’t find the button to do so)

Alright, I’ve added your feature request to our internal improvement tracker.

For posterity, the edit button is the pencil icon towards the bottom right corner of your post.

Thank you!

I forgot to mention that it would be great if you could add parameters to this event. For example, like it’s done in StudioEventEmitter. We mostly use FMOD with serialized fields (on ScriptableObjects) because we have many entities with similar events. But maybe I’m asking too much haha
(Or, for example, a new class. Something like “ParametrizedEventReference” :thinking:)

I guess I can’t edit it twice?

Given that the functionality does exist in StudioEventEmitter, I can see it being more convenient than either creating a custom UI script, or having to manage your own script that interacts with a Studio Event Emitter - I’ve also added it to our internal improvement tracker.

As for only being able to edit once, I’m not sure whether that’s intentional, but I’ll look into it.

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