How do I create reusable "templates" for Sound settings?

So, you know how in Ableton, you can save stuff to a rack and easily recall it from the sidebar for later?

How do you do this in FMOD Studio?

For example, say I make a Scatterer Sound that has settings that are optimized for bird noises, and I want to reuse this later in other projects.

Or maybe I make a reverb preset, since reverb effect has many knobs and there’s no dropdown menu for easily switchin’ between 'em.

What’s the best way to save and recall something like that? I know I can right-click and Copy an event from one track to another and replace the wavs in the Playlist.

Or another workaround is to create a folder of unused-in-game events that contain various settings to copy and paste later.

But is there something more elegant?

The way I’m currently dealing with this is exactly how you suggest, by creating “template” events (no audio, just settings) in a separate folder to copy/paste elsewhere in the project.

But yes, a “save settings” option for plugins and events, similar to ProTools/Ableton, would be an excellent feature.

1.09 will have built in templates, this might be the closest thing to what you’re talking about.

We don’t currently have any feature like this, but we’ve received a number of requests for it. It’s therefore been added to our new feature tracker, and will be discussed and potentially scheduled at our next quarterly roadmap meeting.

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Unrelated, but you know what else would be great? If you could flag an entire post/question in this forum as a favorite to receive updates. You can only flag per comment which means I often miss updates and additional comments if they are not attached to my own.

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Hi Jesse, looking into it, we do get emails ourselves when people reply to comments .

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