How do I create reusable "templates" for Sound settings?

(Arcus) #1

So, you know how in Ableton, you can save stuff to a rack and easily recall it from the sidebar for later?

How do you do this in FMOD Studio?

For example, say I make a Scatterer Sound that has settings that are optimized for bird noises, and I want to reuse this later in other projects.

Or maybe I make a reverb preset, since reverb effect has many knobs and there’s no dropdown menu for easily switchin’ between 'em.

What’s the best way to save and recall something like that? I know I can right-click and Copy an event from one track to another and replace the wavs in the Playlist.

Or another workaround is to create a folder of unused-in-game events that contain various settings to copy and paste later.

But is there something more elegant?

(Jesse Lyon) #2

The way I’m currently dealing with this is exactly how you suggest, by creating “template” events (no audio, just settings) in a separate folder to copy/paste elsewhere in the project.

But yes, a “save settings” option for plugins and events, similar to ProTools/Ableton, would be an excellent feature.

(Brett Paterson) #3

1.09 will have built in templates, this might be the closest thing to what you’re talking about.

(Joseph Harvey) #4

We don’t currently have any feature like this, but we’ve received a number of requests for it. It’s therefore been added to our new feature tracker, and will be discussed and potentially scheduled at our next quarterly roadmap meeting.

(Jesse Lyon) #5

Unrelated, but you know what else would be great? If you could flag an entire post/question in this forum as a favorite to receive updates. You can only flag per comment which means I often miss updates and additional comments if they are not attached to my own.

(Brett Paterson) #6

Hi Jesse, looking into it, we do get emails ourselves when people reply to comments .

(Jesse Lyon) #7

Yep, if its a reply to a comment I already have flagged as a favorite, Im getting the email, but not if its a new comment in that same thread. I wont get an email until I click on the star for that new comment (mark as favorite).