Feature Request: Better behavior when duplicating or copy/pasting items that have automation within snapshots

Hello again!

Would love to see copy/pasting and duplicating while working within a snapshot follow the same rules when working outside of the snapshot. Currently copy/pasting/duplicating results in loss of automation on the pasted effect/send.


I have a channel in the mixer with a bunch of sends to other returns. When a certain snapshot is active these sends have automation applied. While working within the snapshot I want to be able to copy these sends to another track and have the automation follow in the same way it would if I were working within an event or in the mixer outside of a snapshot. Same would work for duplicating mixer channels while in a snapshot.

If you are working within or between snapshots any copy/pasting/duplicating will retain any automation/settings that are applied within that snaphot.


Thanks for the suggestion! While we’ll need to consider the design before making changes, you’re right that copying and pasting of automation in snapshots could be improved. I’ve added this to our feature/improvement tracker.

For now, you’ll have to continue copying and pasting individual automation curves.

Thanks Joseph!