Looping Automation on Mix Snapshot Timeline

Hi there, I am trying to loop some mix channel effect automation that I have applied to a Snapshot Timeline track in the Mixer panel. Theres currently no way I can see of looping in this panel, so I created a new Event with that Snapshot on the track and tried looping there. Still no go, the Snapshot automation in the Mixer view track appears to just play out once without looping. Is there any other way to do this? If not, maybe possible to add this functionality (Loop Regions in the Mixer Snapshot Timeline panel, or even in the new “Automation & Modulation” view in the latest release)?


Hi Jesse,

You are able to loop within a snapshot. Open the Mixer window and select your snapshot. At the top of the editor window you will see the time/beats display. To the right of this are two buttons - a button with two horizontal lines and a button with two vertical lines. Press the two horizontal lined button to enter Track view.

In this view you can add loop regions and automation.

You can read about this in our Studio documentation:




Im not sure how I couldnt find that…thanks very much Richard! Time to give the docs another read through