Feature request: event instances as blueprint data type (variable)

My team is using a game instance in UE4, which needs to stop all currently playing FMOD events at a given time, for example when the player dies or when a new level is opened. As such, we’re looking for a way to efficiently collect all currently playing FMOD event instances and command them all to stop playing. Is there a way to save FMOD event instances as variables (blueprint data type)? Or do you know of another way to collect all currently active event instances?


This is a great idea and I can see why it would be very useful. I’m not sure exactly how feasible that is at the moment. I’ll add it to our list, but I don’t have an ETA on when we’ll get around to having a look at it.

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It looks like it is simply a matter of changing the USTRUCT macro to USTRUCT(BlueprintType). I’ll update it for next release.

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This would be very useful if possible in the next release. Was just looking into this myself.