Feature Request: Faster LFO modulation rates


I’m loving the new LFO modulator and have been replacing old tremolo effects in our project. However it looks like the LFO is capped at 10Hz when the Tremolo effect could go to 20Hz.

Would it be possible to increase the max rate of the LFO effect? I know I have uses beyond 10Hz and I’m sure I could find uses even beyond 20!


Updating the speed of the LFO modulator is a bit more complicating than updating the speed of it. The LFO modulator updates only once per System update, which means getting much faster than 10hz will lose the shape of the LFO depending on the System update frequency. The tremolo DSP effect however operates per-sample and is preferred for that type of effect.

A customized Tremolo that also has an optional high and low pass (6 dB and 12dB resonant as options) would be quite awesome and expressive. I’ve used the Tremolo numerous times for all kinds of tricks, modulating the parameters with in-game parameters.

Does FMOD have a plug-in community?

I am not sure about a plug-in community but we have our plug-in API available to read here: