Using LFO modulators with looped sounds issues

I want to use LFO modulator, for example “noise ramped” with looped wind sound so it can change pitch and volume over time randomly.

now I can’t now use modulators with looped sounds, because on each loop modulator will reset and generate weird effect or click. How big is a chance to add this? For example “loop” checkbox in modulator, where it will just continue running on looped sounds.

The LFO modulator only “resets” when the object it is attached to has been untriggered and retriggered. So it depends entirely on how you are looping your sounds. For example, if you have an async instrument that is in a loop region but the playback cursor leaves the instrument before looping back to it, the LFO modulator will reset.

Try making the instrument asynchronous and having it always triggered on a parameter sheet. Set it to loop infinitely and modulate the pitch and volume properties on this instrument. Let me know if you’re still getting clicks.

Any stepped LFO shape will always click, so I don’t see this as a bug but rather normal behavior. However circling back on the topic above, I am trying to LFO modulate the pitch of a looped multi instrument over time and independently of the loop region, however it’s being retriggered per sound. Any ideas?

Instead of applying the pitch/LFO on the multi instrument, you could either:

  • apply the pitch/LFO on the track, via a Pitch Shifter effect
  • apply the pitch/LFO on the master track (if the event is dedicated to this multi)
  • nest the looped instrument in an event and apply the pitch/LFO on this event

All 3 solutions work.

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Awesome, thanks for that! Pitch Shifter effect wasn’t really what I was looking for but the other two methods work pretty well, cheers!