LFO Modulator ?

Hey there!

I am trying to modulate the cutoff frequency of the lowpass filter effect inside fmod studio and connect the speed of the modulation to a game parameter. In other music software I would do that with an LFO. The only option I see is to draw a sinewave like automation in the timeline by hand, but then I cant manipulate the speed anymore. Am I missing something or is that simply not possible? And if not, does anybody know a good workaround?

I am aware of the tremolo effect, but that only effects volume. I would love to be able to manipulate other effect parameters that way, too.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Agreed, this would be a great feature!

Thanks for the request. This is definitely a feature that’s already very high on our to do list!

In the meantime, aside from the method you suggested, you may be able to set up something similar using the sidechain modulator tied to the output of a baked out sine wav.

Thanks for the reply!
I already tried something like that by drawing a sinwave volume automation on some noise inside of a nested event, set up a sidechain and “modulated” the speed by changing the pitch of the nested event. Unfortunately the result is full of artifacts and I also suspect it to be less cpu efficient.
Maybe the results with a baked out sinewave of something low like 1-5 hz will be better. But since the pitching in fmod in generade has some artifacts too when modulated fast I suspect the result to be rather glitchy, too… :confused:

In the meantime ill stick to the tremolo and chorus effects, they are awesome as well :slight_smile:

You’re right. The approach I suggested would be fairly limited in terms of latency, and of course, isn’t the most efficient use of resources. What you’re doing at the moment sounds like a good approach while we look forward to the LFO modulator :slight_smile: