Feature request: have "Replace Audio with Trimmed Copy" function copy custom encoding settings

In our project, we use default encoding settings for short sound assets, and manually add custom encoding settings for music assets or long sound loops. So when the trim feature is used on a loop, the new trimmed file does not inherit the custom encoding setting of the original file, and I think it’d be a great QoL convenience for it to be copied over.

I can definitely see how that would be useful! I’ve added your suggestion to our feature/improvement tracker for future development.

In the mean time, you could potentially save yourself the effort of adding custom encoding settings to individual files by putting the encoding settings on their containing folders, instead. Of course, this method is only useful when you know in advance that you’ll want multiple assets in the same folder to share the same encoding settings, so it’s not useful for all projects and cases - but if you’re using the same encoding settings for all music (for example) it can be a great time-saver.


I actually did not know about the folder encoding settings! Those will be so useful :exploding_head:

Thank you for the info, and for considering my suggestion!