Feature Request: Edit Compression Settings from within the Banks tab

Considering the Banks tab is the view where I’d typically be thinking about applying compression settings, it’s wild to me that you can’t set them per-bank (at a parent level for all events it contains) nor event level by right-clicking events within the bank editor.

I’m imagining that if you did any overriding at the event level, that would apply even if compression settings had been set at the bank.

I understand that if you’ve got events which reference the same audio file in two separate banks, and if those banks had two different compression settings set, that could create a collision where it’s unclear which should be used for the base level audio file—but a conflicts dialogue pop up could handle something like this well enough!

Anyways it’d be a big workflow boon.

And while we’re here, batch setting streaming setttings (which is otherwise only available as an asset-level toggle in the Asset Bin, not at a parent folder level) from here would be useful. Just to centralize all these sorts of controls in one place.

This is an interesting request.

A brief history lesson: Early versions of FMOD Studio did allow you to set the compression format of assets on a per-event and per-bank basis.

Unfortunately, this created a problem. As you yourself have realized, it meant that an asset could have different compression and encoding in each bank or event in which it was used. This wasn’t a fatal problem, but it wasn’t great for performance; larger banks meant larger downloads and longer load times, and multiple encoded versions of each asset meant that the resource cost of an affected event depended on the order in which banks were loaded.

So, we replaced the ability to set compression and encoding on a per-bank basis with the current system of being able to set it for each platform, and to override the platform settings for specific asset folders and assets.

I suppose we could potentially add a convenience feature that lets you set the compression and encoding settings for all the assets used by a specific event or bank. This would not replace the current system (which we’re quite happy with), but might be more convenient if you do for some reason want to set all the assets in an event to use the same encoding and compression.

That being said, I’m rather curious to learn why you need this feature. Do you have a large number of assets that need custom encoding that’s the same, but differs from the encoding set for your platforms? Why do you want to set it for all the assets used in an event, rather than for a folder of similar assets?

I’m not sure I understand. Are you asking for the ability to set an asset folder’s streaming setting without also enabling custom platform encoding settings for that folder?