New audio trimming feature question (1.08)

I was told by Brett that 1.08 is coming out very soon!That’s a great news! I wanna know does the trimming audio(front and rear) feature recalculate the audio length for rendering and reduce the bank size?? If there are some basic audio editing features as well,that would be wonderful! I’m frustrated to trim the audio to sync the game right now,since my artists had revised some visual effects and animations, some time I had to export the audio to the DAW, and reimport it, it’s tedious! Hoping the migration from 1.07 to 1.08 smoothly.

edit: To my work experience, that would be very convenient that add a remove audio “silence” feature,we can make a threshold,such as -50db or -60db(in most game circumstance,-60db shouldn’t be perceived).I know ogg format barely calculate the “blank” audio segment, but some tiny volume like reverb tail that shouldn’t be perceived just make no sense with the sound bank size. I supposed to do those work in my DAW, but I just wanna simplify my workflow and make it more efficient. Maybe FMOD team could make a plugin that seamlessly and deeply connect with some kinds of DAW.

Yes there is an option to re-export the trimmed sound back to the audio bin.
We hope to introduce more editing features as an accompaniment to FMOD.IO in later releases.

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