Feature request? (i dont know where else to ask this)

Hey peeps,

Just a quick one to see if there could ever be the option to have a record button on a tracks timeline that could be recorded into the track on the fly (like a DAW does).

This would be hella handy for placeholders. It would let you mock up scripts for vo, make mouth effects and describe what should be triggering the event (think the clockwork soldiers from Dishonored 2).

If you have a feature request, posting it here is the best place.

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It would also be really useful for bouncing events with many layered tracks down to one to save voices (assuming no multisounds etc.). We currently do this by routing FMOD’s audio to to a DAW via audio interface, but this feature would save a ton of time.

Thanks for the feature suggestions. I’ve added your idea of a button to record your own assets on the fly to our feature/improvement tracker. It’ll be discussed and potentially scheduled for development at our next quarterly roadmap meeting.

As for the ability to “bounce out” audio files from FMOD Studio events, we have no plans to make that feature available at this time. There are a number of reasons for this, but here’s the most important one:
FMOD Studio is specialized in making dynamic audio content. Bouncing out audio files produces linear audio content, and is therefore beyond the scope of what FMOD Studio is designed to do. If you want to make linear audio content, you will receive far better results by using a tool specialized in that task, such as a DAW.

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