New User -- Exporting Audio?

Hey everyone,

I’ve just started using FMOD studio. I am trying to experiment with creating sounds and I have one that I made, but I was wondering basically what happens when you’re ready to have a “final” version of the sound. For example, if using Pro Tools for making a sound effect or a music mix, when you’re ready you bounce all tracks down to one mono or stereo file – is there a way to do this in FMOD studio? Or are audio creations in FMOD only stored as events and you can’t actually “bounce down” your event into one file. I can’t seem to figure out how this works, so if somebody could help me out that would be great.


Content can be built for inclusion in a game via the ‘Build…’ menu item in the ‘File’ menu; This will cause your content to be output in a game-usable format to your project’s ‘build’ directory. From there, it can be added to your game as described in the Programmer’s API documentation. (Note that events must be assigned to banks in order to be built.)

That said, FMOD Studio doesn’t ‘bounce down’ audio files in exactly the way you describe, because the purpose of FMOD Studio is to create dynamic, interactive audio content. All changes to and mixing of audio made in FMOD Studio are processed and applied in real time when your game is run; Meaning that parameters are be updated, randomised content is randomised when triggered and so on, in real time, by your game’s code, as the game is played. While this grants you the ability to manipulate, trigger and remix sound in response to player actions and game events, it also means that any content change made in Studio consumes system resources in-game, rather than only during development.

We therefore recommend that you use a linear audio editing tool (such as a version of Protools you feel comfortable with) to make any changes to your source audio files that won’t vary in-game, then build those files into FMOD Studio events that make use of our dynamic audio features where they would be of most benefit.