Feature Requests: Async, Random Transition, Command Instruments

A few feature requests:

The following would be an option/setting within ASYNC Multi-Instruments. The desired effect is to stop the timeline playhead until the current ASYNC multi has finished playing its sound. This is needed in instances where each file in the playlist is of a different length. This should hopefully work with nested events in the playlist. Any one of these ideas would achieve the same thing:

  1. Sustain timeline at end of multi’s region until file in multi is done playing.
  2. Send a “key off” once file is done.
  3. Send a “done playing” signal as a parameter condition in a transition region.

Transition Region Random Playlist: A field next to the “Conditions” field where you can make list of possible markers to transition to, at random. This could also be made as a Command Instrument, with a simple “Playlist” of markers to randomly transition to.

On the topic of Command Instruments, I’m excited about the open-ended potential there! A few ideas for simple command instruments:
• (Above) Jump to random marker in a list.
• Set parameter (on self or global param) to value (or random), with an AHDSR.
• Stop all sounds in target Group
• Stop all other sounds

Thanks! These are all things that I could use immediately in current projects!
—Lance M.

Thanks for the suggestions.

It sounds like you want an equivalent of FMOD Designer’s “Key Off on Silence” feature. We have some features planned that should eventually allow you to achieve this behavior, but they’re still in development.

In the mean time, you can get part of the way there by nesting multi instruments in the playlists of other multi instruments, giving the parent multi instruments the “sequential - local scope” playlist selection mode, and setting their play counts to the number of entries in their playlists. This workaround isn’t perfect and won’t work in every situation, but it does handle some of the most common use-cases.

Being able to assign multiple possible destinations to a transition marker or region, and conditions for each, is already in our feature/improvement tracker.

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve added them to our feature/improvement tracker.