Async referenced events in multi instruments

I am trying to create an event that will randomly play some other music loop events.
I created a multi instrument and drag and dropped the music loop events into it.
I activated the “Async” mode, but the music events that are referenced in the multi instrument are still synced with the timeline and stop at the end of the multi instrument’s region.

Any idea ?


The most likely issue is that “Cut” is enabled alongside “Async” - if “Cut” is enabled, asynchronous instruments will stop playing when untriggered i.e. when the playhead moves past the instrument. Disabling “Cut” should fix the issue. If that’s not the problem, could you please provide a screenshot of your event timeline and the settings of your Multi Instrument, as well as your FMOD Studio version number?

Mac Studio (2022)
Apple M1 Ultra
64 GB

Version 2.02.09, 64-bit, Build #128289


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Thanks for such a detailed reproduction! This issue seems to be caused by the referenced event having any logic markers that would cause the playhead to be prevented from reaching the event’s natural end i.e. a loop region or transition backwards, a sustain point, etc. Unfortunately I haven’t been able find a workaround besides removing the offending logic, but I’ve passed this along to the dev team for further investigation.

If the events referenced inside the multi are detected as non oneshot, that’s the normal behavior, to avoid beeing stuck in an infinite loop.