Feature requests: Multi-select and marker copy/past

Working with the music leaves me really wanting the ability to copy and paste markers, especially “transition to” markers and regions. When setting up multiple musical sections that all reference each other, many of the parameter driven rules are shared between multiple sections and setting these rules up would be so much easier if I could simply copy/paste the transitions.

It would also be great to be able to select multiple regions and logic markers and move them all simultaneously. As it stands, if you have a set of multiple markers that correspond to a single region and you want to move that region it takes extra time to move each of the corresponding markers. Being able to select the region along with its markers or other regions would be immensely helpful.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the feedback. These are both features we’re also really keen to add and have been on the to-do list for a while. The copying and pasting of markers should be possible fairly soon. We’re reworking quite a lot of our copy and paste functionality currently so that it will be more reliable/extensible in Studio 1.2. Multi-selection support in the multitrack is planned for the 1.3 release.