Transition Region, Jump to Marker Issue


I am running FMOD Studio version 1.10.02 on a Mac in OS Yosemite, and recently I have run into an issue using transition regions.

I have three transition regions on a single audio track of music. I have added a tempo marker to the event starting on the first beat of the track, and each transition region is marked (Marker A, Marker B, Marker C) on the first beat of the transition. The transition quantization is set to the quarter note with 100% probability. Each transition is set to trigger according to the same parameter condition (0.01-0.30, 0.35-0.60, and 0.65-1.00, respectively).

The problem is that playback stops at the transition from the first transition region to Marker B. The transitions from B to C, and C to A work fine. It’s only between A and B where the playhead jumps between the transition regions and playback halts. When this happens, there is a buzzing noise and the playhead bounces back and forth in the tiny space between the regions as if there is a rapid playback loop.

I have tried restarting the program, deleting and recreating the trigger regions, and adjusting the parameter condition values, but the problem persists.

Any insight into this problem would be much appreciated!


Hi Aron,

It sounds like there could be some incorrectly set transition regions or markers that we’re not seeing. I have tested on Mac with no issues moving between multiple transitions. Would you be able to post a picture of the event’s logic track, or send a small reproducible project to and we’ll see if there’s something we’re missing here.