Filters Deprecated?


I’ve noticed that Lowpass, Lowpass Simple, Highpass, Highpass Simple and Parametric EQ have all been relocated to an “FMOD Deprecated” folder in the effects menu.

Does this mean going forward that the Multiband EQ will replace these? Are there plans to replace the filters? If not, what is the ETA on removing these from FMOD?

I’m assuming the Multiband EQ is more expensive to use than say the Lowpass Simple, especially for cases like occlusion. Has this been tested?
Does the Multiband EQ support the UE4 occlusion integration?

Thank you!

  • Alec

The multiband EQ is the replacement for all the deprecated filters you mention. It’s cheaper than all of them, even the ‘simple’ ones, and better quality as well. We’ve tested it extensively.

Because many projects still use the old filters, we are unlikely to remove them from FMOD Studio in the near future.

The Multiband EQ does not support the UE4 occlusion integration at this time. If you are using this feature, you’ll have to stick with the lowpass and 3-EQ filters.

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What is the equivalent multiband EQ settings for a simple lowpass filter with X Hz cutoff?

Hi Yang,

A lowpass filter would be a single band enabled, 12dB lowpass, Q at 0.707, frequency as desired.

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