Find references for events using an effect.


Just wondering if there is a way of searching for all events that use a certain effect on them…

For example, what if I wanted to find all events that use a reverb effect in it, or all events containing a spacializer.

If not, it would be good to have this work as sort of an “autotag” function, that includes effects list from the event in the tagging of that event…?


You can search for events that contain a particular effect in FMOD Studio versions 1.08.03 and later.

To search for events containing a particular effect, click on the events browser’s loupe icon to open the loupe menu, then select “Filter By Effect” and select the specific effect you’re looking for from the submenu.

Ah thanks Joe,

I doubt I would have ever found that by accident. I think there is a little bit of RTFM needed on my behalf though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again.