Events search tool doesn't work with filtering by Spat if a custom attenuation curve is loaded

Ok so, just found about this potential issue: if I wanted to search for 3D events in the Events tab, I would have to Filter by Effect > FMOD Spatializer. But if a Spatializer has a custom attenuation curve loaded into, then the search won’t recognize it as a Spat anymore, so it won’t be shown as a 3D event.
The thing is that the query is probably based on the effect name string (even if the effect is called Spatializer while the query says Spatialiser), and when you load a custom attenuation curve it changes that.
Well, don’t see any particular valid reason for why it might be a correct behaviour, so I’m reporting as a potential bug.

Thanks for letting us know about this issue. Not being able to find events containing specific effects is definitely a problem, so I’ll add it to our bug tracker.

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