Fmod 2.01.08 cannot build banks when using impulse reverb

If I have an impulse reverb in an event or mixer channel and try to build, the build fails (cannot find bank).
If I then remove the impulse reverb, then I can build.
With the current build, using impulse responses is impossible.

This update is unusable as of now. At least for me. I really would like to use it, since it fixes other bugs in the earlier version.

Please fix;)

Found out i can just press “ignore” and it will actually build. Still annoying though.

Thanks for the bug report! I’ve added this issue to our bug tracker, and it will be fixed in an upcoming version of FMOD Studio.

I have this issue as well, but “ignore” doesn’t help (UE 4.26). Deleting reverb helps, of course, but I want to keep my reverb =)

As mentioned in the Known Issues thread for version 2.01.08, this issue will be fixed in version 2.01.09.

In the mean time, there is no workaround that allows convolution reverb effects to be used in game, short of reverting to FMOD Studio version 2.01.07.

I have the same problem.
Looking forward to 2.01.09!

Hi, any idea when the .09 will come out?

A precise date for the release of FMOD Studio version 2.01.09 has not yet been scheduled. However, we do aim to release approximately one new version of FMOD Studio each month, so unless we experience unexpected delays, version 2.01.09 will most likely be released sometime within the next few weeks.

Thank you Joseph!

Hi @joseph. Do you have a release date for .09?

I’m afraid I’m unable to provide an exact ETA, as testing of the new version is still ongoing. We’ll release it as soon as we’re confident in it.