FMOD 2.01 Crash On Startup Mac 10.13

I installed the latest version of FMOD today (not installed before) only to find it crashed on both my Macs running OSX 10.13 on startup.

I have discovered that it was Avid Link (their app manager and downloader) which was the problem. As soon as I quit it FMOD loads and runs no problem.

Just thought I would share the information.


Thanks for the report. Is this with the latest version of the Avid Link application? We have yet to reproduce the issue with the latest version downloaded from Avid’s website. However, we are testing it on Catalina at the moment.

Hi Thuan,

I am currently running v2020.3.1 of Avid Link on a Mac running High Sierra version 10.13.6

Hope that helps,

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the information. Unfortunately Avid appears to have updated their links and the current downloadable version is v2020.4 and we are unable to get hold of a copy of v2020.3 to test against. Let us know if the issue persists should you get a chance to update to v2020.4.

Hi there. I have upgraded to 2020.4 and the problem seems to have gone away! Fingers x’d. Thanks for your help!

Hi Rob,

Glad to hear the issue has been resolved by upgrading Avid Link to version 2020.4.