FMOD 2.02.12+ libs fail to load on OS 10.14

Hi FMOD friends,

We do our builds on OS X 10,14 (Mojave) for a list of reasons, and it looks like the 2.02.12 and later fail to dynamically load when invoked at runtime. 2.02.11 and earlier loads fine.

Is FMOD really dropping support for Mojave and earlier as of 2.02.12?? Otherwise, please lmk how we can get this working – it would be great to ship with the latest version. Typically when I’ve seen this, there is a symbol getting sucking in that is not present on an earlier mac SDK causing the bundle dlopen() to fail.

Otherwise, it will be disappointing choice to either stay stuck at 2.02.11 or do a ton of retooling just because of this, yikes.


We haven’t intentionally dropped support for Mojave, no. How is this failing for you? In Unity? Can you repro the fail by making a simple test prog that just calls dlopen() on the fmod dylib?

Thanks for getting back and good to know, thank you.

Will work on submitting repro info.