FMOD 2.02 for PlayStation 5 SDK 6.0

Hello, we can see that there is support for SDK 6.0 in version 2.01, but there is no support for SDK 6.0 in version 2.02.

When will you add the support for SDK 6.0 in version 2.02?


I’ve managed to fix this problem by downloading the Unreal Engine integration, and copying the .prx files from the Binaries folder. Just make sure you get the exact version you are using inside of Unity engine, install the package for SDK 5.0 and replace the .prx files with ones from the Unreal Engine SDK 6.0 version.

We can build any version of FMOD against any platform SDK you require, all you need to do is ask. When we make a build on request like this, we also make it available on the Downloads page so other people can access it too. We don’t recommend mixing .prx files between Unreal and Unity integrations but if it’s worked for you in this specific case then :+1:

Ok, I didn’t know that was the case.
In the name of all Unity developers who are making games for PS5 and also use FMOD, please add support for SDK 6.0 to FMOD 2.02 packages and add them do the download page.

Thank you very much!

Hi there!

I have made FMOD 2.02.11 for Unity with PS5 SDK 6.000 available on the downloads page.

Kind regards,

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