PS4 devkit *Check detects .prx files as built with SDK 6.008.001 instead of 6.508.021 after updating to 2.00.02

Since PS4 SDK 6.0 is about to be expired, we are moving on to SDK 6.5 and in the process we’re updating our FMOD Unity Integration version to 2.00.02 which according to changelog is built using PS4 SDK 6.508.021.
However after we updated the prx files and made a new build (using Unity 2017.4.29f1, and PS4 SDK 6.5 installed and active), in the *check function, our devkit detects FMOD prx files to be built with SDK 6.008.01 as is shown below.
Do you have any idea why this is happening and how to fix it?

Apologies, it looks like it was built with 6.0.

2.00.02 built with PS4 SDK 6.5 is now on the downloads page.

Hi! To avoid a very similar topic, let me reply here:

I’m having the same issue but with version 1.10.13. On the detailed revision history it says that was built with version SDK 6.5 but on the Test kit appears not. (Exactly the same print screen on the OP). We are submitting right now so a quick workaround that do not force a upgrade to FMOD 2.0 would be great. Thanks!

Thanks for the heads up, builds for 1.10.13 & 1.10.14 for PS4 SDK 6.5 have also been added to the downloads page.

Thank you! All good and no errors.