FMOD_3D_ATTRIBUTES <error-type>

When I try to use FMOD::Studio::System::setListenerAttributes() Visual Studio 2012 displays the FMOD_3D_ATTRIBUTES param as “” and I can’t seem to use FMOD_3D_ATTRIBUTES anywhere (since VS doesn’t recognize it).

VS can’t find the FMOD::Studio::EventInstance::is3D() either.
Is this a bug or something I did wrong? (I’ve included fmod_studio.hpp and fmod.hpp as shown in examples/3d.cpp)

I’ve got 1 years experience with C++, and worked with Fmod Designer API and Ex API before but I’m completely new to Fmod Studio.

And also: Can’t I get an Event with the Event Name created by the audio-designer? Seams complicated with the EventID beign {random numbers and letters}?

Hi Zraix,

We use Visual Studio here and we haven’t had any troubles. It sounds like there is something wrong with the way your project is set up. The FMOD_3D_ATTRIBUTES struct is defined in fmod_common.h which is included from both fmod_studio.hpp and fmod.hpp. Perhaps that header is missing?

You can use lookupEventID instead of parseGUID if you want to retrieve events by path.

I can’t find any fmod_common.h from where I’ve downloaded both Studio API and Ex API from here (today),
and in the fmod_studio.h where it’s written: “FMOD_RESULT F_API FMOD_Studio_System_SetListenerAttributes(FMOD_STUDIO_SYSTEM* system, FMOD_3D_ATTRIBUTES* attributes);”
FMOD_3D_ATTRIBUTES* is underlined with error: “error C2061: syntax error : identifier ‘FMOD_3D_ATTRIBUTES’ d:\dokument\fmodapi\fmodstudioapi\fmod studio api windows\api\studio\inc\fmod_studio.h 21”

fmod_common.h lives in the Low Level include directory (%InstallationDirectory%\FMOD Studio API Windows\api\lowlevel\inc) so you’ll also want to add this folder to your Visual Studio project’s “Additional Include Directories” list.

If you want to make sure everything is installed correctly, you can try compiling the examples (%InstallationDirectory%\FMOD Studio API Windows\api\studio\examples\vs2010\examples.sln). You can use any of the example projects as a reference for what you need to set in Visual Studio in terms of the Additional Include Directories, Addition Library Directories, and Additional Dependencies.