It looks like the coordinates in FMOD_3D_HEADRELATIVE aren’t affected by FMOD_INIT_3D_RIGHTHANDED.

I’m testing a sound that I’ve placed on the left in WORLD RELATIVE mode. I can flip the sound between left & right via FMOD_INIT_3D_RIGHTHANDED and it behaves as expected (i.e., which direction +X is will change with a LH vs. RH coord system).

When I do the same with HEAD RELATIVE mode (i.e., place it to the left of the listener),
flipping FMOD_INIT_3D_RIGHTHANDED has no effect.

I was wondering if this was known and/or if anyone else has experienced this.

It looks like this is a bug, 3D right-handed isn’t being considered when calculating the pan for a head relative channel.

I have added this as a task to fix for a future version.

Thanks for reporting this!