FMOD 5. Current Fade Position?


I’m looking for some clarification on fade points, specifically: what is automated and how can I find the current value at any arbitrary point in time?


I can see that channel->addFadePoint does not automate the channel ‘volume’ based on my hearing the fade sucessfully, but polling channel->getVolume not showing any change throughout or subsequently.

I then make the assumption that channel volume is more equivalent to a channels gain (and in this instance not automatable), and the ‘fade point’ affects a separate volume (level) fader.

Calling channel->getNumDSPs returns 1. Calling channel->getDSP with index 0 or FMOD_CHANNELCONTROL_DSP_HEAD gives me (the same?) FMOD_DSP_TYPE_FADER but fader->getNumParameters returns 0.

Is this FMOD_CHANNELCONTROL_DSP_HEAD fader the same fader that is automated by addFadePoint? If so, how do I get the value of the fade level given applied automation at any arbitrary point in time?

Many thanks!

Fade points are automating an internal property that’s not publicly exposed. Channel::getAudibilty() will give you the final volume and you may be able to get the current fade from that if you know all the other values affecting the mix.