Correct way to call getFadePoints

What is the correct way to call getFadePoints?

unsigned int numpoints;
unsigned long long *point_dspclock;
float *point_volume;
result = channel->getFadePoints(&numpoints, point_dspclock, point_volume);

I’m doing this, but get a crash. I’d ideally like to check the dspclocks and volumes.

Thanks in advance!

I eventually worked this out. You have to call getFadePoints twice with different arguments:

1st time will nullptr args for the volumes/fade points:

unsigned int numpoints;
result = channel->getFadePoints(&numpoints, nullptr, nullptr);

then you pass an integer corresponding to the point number to getFadePoints

for (int i = 0; i < numpoints; i++) {
    unsigned int num_point = static_cast<unsigned int>(i);
    unsigned long long point_dspclock;
    float point_volume;
    result = channel->getFadePoints(&num_point, &point_dspclock, &point_volume);
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Apologies for not getting back to you, but thank you for sharing the solution!

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