FMOD:: Ambient sound attenuation due to environment change

Hi all,

Right now I’m working on using FMOD with the purpose of game audio design.
I’m trying to figure out how to simulate game environment blender considering audio aspects.
what I’m aiming to do is to attenuate one environment sound gradually and add another environment sound.
I search a lot on audio fading or sound blender but I did not find something useful. I think I have to use DSP clock, DSPfadePoint or so but I don’t actually know how to use them.
Any suggestion or sample code would be appreciated. Thank you.

Clocks and fadepoints give you sample accurate volume envelopes. Simply calling channel::setVolume() at regular intervals to gradually raise or lower the volume would be simpler.

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Thank you Nicholas,

What I figured out is that fadePoint does not give the option to fade out gradually but it drops to a lower volume at a certain clock. But setVolume could give me the option. Thank you.