FMOD and Cubase fighting over driver control (?)

I am using Cubase to create sound assets for my game, and I’ve set it up so it will take control over the Driver, and release when it’s minimized (Meaning while I’m in Cubase there is no audio output from any other application on my PC)


And when I minimize cubase everything seems to work fine except for FMOD. YouTube audio plays, and so do files on my operating system, but FMOD doesn’t seem to recover control back on the driver’s output.

It seems like when I enter preferences and change the Output Device back and forth it manages to regain control of the output again, but this is rather inconvenient. Sometimes I can’t even do that since FMOD doesn’t seem to recognize the sound driver, and then I have to wait for a bit and try entering the settings again to see if it’s fixed.

I’ve tried to look around but I can’t seem to find this happening to other people, am I missing something obvious?

This sounds like an Windows exclusive issue. Coming from a Mac this perplexes me so much but the solution is in the audio prefs.,or%20using%20a%20Mac%20instead.

Thank you for the reply, but when I’ve tried following this solution it caused sound issues throughout my system. It seems like exclusive control is a big deal when it comes to some devices and cubase, and disabling this feature makes it not function entirely.

To be clear, I don’t have an issue with fmod and cubase not working at the same time (since I am sure this is due to cubase monopolizing the output device).
My issue is that after minimizing cubase, or even closing it, fmod doesn’t seem to recover its control on the output device (without going and manually switching the output device in fmod’s preferences back and forth).

Cubase being the only app that plays back sound is really common in the world of ASIO. It’s really useful when mixing in low levels, cause you would normally bring the monitor controller’s/headphone amplifier’s volume up to be able to hear on a normal level. So if any other app plays sound at the same time it’s gonna be so loud that it would damage your speakers and ears. As long as you don’t want to use FMOD and Cubase at the same time, I suggest that you do not change any Windows sound settings. Also does it allow other apps to play sound when you minimise it? I’ve been using Cubase for 7 years and for some reason I never saw that happening haha.

Yeah, every other app I’ve tried works when I minimize it


This definitely sounds like standard ASIO/exclusive mode behavior, but it does seems strange to me that FMOD isn’t handling refreshing the output device. So I can test it on my end, can I get you to confirm your FMOD Studio version?

Sure, I’m using FMOD 2.02.19

Thanks for your version. I’ve done some testing on my end and have been able to reproduce the issue. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a workaround besides what you’ve noted with manually swapping from and to the desired driver/device, but I’ve passed it along to the development team for further investigation.

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