FMOD Audio not playing when launching the game

The FMOD Audio doesn’t play when launching the game and looking in the docs I found the deployment section.
The first step is easy, however I’m having some problems with the second one: Linking the Plug-in.

It’s a big unclear what I need to do but one thing is certain, the project I’m working on is content based (as oppose to code) and there’s no way to go back now and start from scratch.

So is there any other way to linking the plugins in a content-only project? The UE I’m using is not build from source.

Thank you,

Unfortunately, UE4 does not link any plugins for a content-only project when using the downloaded binaries. We aren’t the only plugin that has that issue.

Epic are aware of that and it is scheduled to be fixed, but it isn’t fixed in 4.5 and may not make it to 4.6 either.

Until it is fixed in the engine, the only workaround is to either create a code project, or else build UE4 from source. I know this isn’t what you want to hear but I’m afraid there isn’t anything we can do about it.