FMOD_Channel_SetDelay link error [ANDROID]

I seem to be getting a linker problem with FMOD_Channel_SetDelay.

FMOD_Channel_GetDelay seems to link fine.

(The calls to FMOD_Channel_SetDelay are inside extern “C” but within a .cpp file. All the other FMOD C-API calls compile and link fine.)

Am I missing something?

I’ve tried the 1.03.00 and 1.02.12 builds of FMOD Studio for Android with Android NDK r9c and Android SDK 19.0.1

Also FMOD_Channel_SetDelay has changed its syntax significantly between FMOD Studio 5 and FMOD Ex 4. Under FMOD 4 I was using FMOD_DELAYTYPE_DSPCLOCK_START and FMOD_DELAYTYPE_DSPCLOCK_END.

The new API has no delay type. Only dspclock_start and dspclock_end and a stopped flag. If I want to specify a start time for a channel, but not an end time I assume I set a value of 0 to dspclock_end.

   FMOD_Channel_SetDelay( pFmodChannel, (unsigned long long)dspClocktime, 0ull, false );

If I want to specify an end time for an already playing sound I assume I set a value of 0 to dsp_starttime.

   FMOD_Channel_SetDelay( pFmodChannel, 0ull, (unsigned long long)dspClocktime, true );

Thanks for the bug report, we have fixed up a couple of C linking issues for our next release.
We have also put checks in to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Your assumptions about setting 0 for either the start or end delay to mean (no delay) is correct.
I will amend the documentation to make that clear.