FMOD compatibility with Niagara

Are there any plans for FMOD implementation for Niagara? Our VFX artist has been doing quite a few things in Niagara so it would be great to have FMOD functionality for the sound design, essentially replacing the in built unreal audio, thanks :slight_smile:

We do plan on adding support for Niagara, although I am unable to give a timeline as to when this might be available for now. At this point we would aiming for an update in the near future.

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Thats great thanks for the heads up, will try and implement our own solution in the meantime.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Any updates yet, running into this issue here… It seems like Niagara has a “Play Audio” emitter that needs to be taken over by FMOD somehow.

At this point we do not have an ETA. We aren’t currently aware of a quick way to get it working, as it does appear to be a fair bit of work to integrate with.


I’ve found away to implement in Niagara using the (experimental) “Component” renderer and putting a FModAudioCpt.

It works more or less (Not working in preview but working in play mode).

Issue is I need to put the particle lifetime to EXACTLY the event length, otherwise the sound in the event loops. This is really annoying, and I can’t find why.

If you can try my system and investigate why sound loops, you would be my hero :slight_smile:


a hack to fix that maybe would be to add ADSR to pad the stopping time of the event?

Investigating this recently. Hope there will be proper integration.

So far I find the Niagara call back interface works in firing events in BP, but have yet to try what happens with multiple handlers at different stages.