Audio analysis/visualisation of fMod output

Is there a way to route the audio output of an fMod event and use it to drive the audio visualisation plugins built into UE4, or to drive niagara parameters?
I know there was talk about it a year ago or so but haven’t seen anything since.
Thanks for your help.

Unfortunately we don’t currently have a way to interface with Niagara Visual Effects. We are planning on supporting Niagara but there is no timeline at the moment. You can use a component renderer to spawn FMOD Audio Components, but that wouldn’t give you access to things like spectrum data and volume which you would need to do any useful visualization with.

any update on this topic ? would you still recommand to use component renderer (thats an experimenal feature) in niagara ?

There hasn’t been any update unfortunately, and the component renderer is still be the best option for now.