[FMOD Designer] Unspecified sound file error

We are having an issue in our game where certain sound files are compiling and running fine, while others are not. The audio sounds like they are being clipped, or aren’t playing at all. The problematic files are specific to an add-on, and therefore are not being called while playing the base game.

We are using FMOD Designer v4.44.64 for the sound files we are having an issue with. Most sound files don’t output an error, but there is one specifically that constantly outputs one. The error we receive is:

FMOD Error: Can't play event [File Path]: An error occurred that wasn't supposed to. Contact support.

These are the issues we foresaw, but did not find any immediate results when investigating:

  1. A distortion effect blanketing all the Addon sounds in-code (doesn’t seem to be any place to do that in FMOD, would be within our code base)
  2. Xbox is changing the sample rate significantly (to something lower than 44.1khz)

This is a project running on Xbox One, making use of the XDK and makepkg command to package the files. We are on a proprietary C++ engine, not Unreal nor Unity.

We compared the FMOD sound values to other platforms and did not see any inconsistencies. Playing the sounds within FMOD Designer did not give us any issues, nor did running the project to the console straight from Visual Studio (only seem to get the error after the packaging process).

We are also having issues connecting the FMOD profiler to check on these during runtime.

Anyone have any idea of what else may be causing this issue?

Hi Kyle, FMOD Designer is no longer supported so the only advice I can give you is to upgrade to FMOD Studio. If that’s not an option, please email us at support@fmod.com.

Turns out the problem lay in the fact that we were zipping up our sound files along with all the rest of the game files, and for whatever reason this was causing an issue with one of our DLCs but not the rest.

Just a heads-up for anyone else possibly facing this issue!