[FMOD DESIGNER] Music Mod Help

Hello, I need some help. I’m trying to make a music mod for Don’t Starve Together, and I managed to get to where I need to build it. But FMOD Designer is telling me that there are sound files missing. I started this project from scratch so that shouldn’t be. How can I fix the problem? The version I’m using is 4.44.64.

Thank you,
~Mighty Jetters

Which files does it tell you are missing, and are those files present and correctly named on your hard drive? If you try and audition them in the banks view, do they play, and do their names turn red?

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Sorry; it won’t let me put anymore than 3 total files into a post so I have to link to an image album: https://imgur.com/a/lnQqHHM

This is what it shows me (Capture.PNG). I tried to go to a folder with sounds in it that I want to use, but it doesn’t fix the issue. It tells me this instead (Capture2.PNG).

I went into the banks and see that there are 4 unused files from when I copied someone else’s music mod tutorial files over into my own new file (I know I said I started from scratch, but I didn’t expect some weird hidden files to carry over and cause problems) (Capture3.PNG)

I actually saw this before while experimenting, but I do not know how to remove them. Maybe it would work if I just started over 100% and rather than copying anything over, just create my own simple events from scratch and name them accordingly. But even then, when I tried to make my own events, they look different. I.E. this (Capture4.PNG).

…as opposed to this with the blue/gray shaded area (Capture5.PNG).

…where I can right click and hit “Replace Sound”… The former only has Add Sound. So, all this is just really weird stuff that’s foreign to me and apologies I’m 100% new to this lol.

To remove unwanted files from a bank:

  1. Create a new bank.
  2. Drag the unwanted files into the new bank. This removes them form the bank they were previously in, allowing you to build that bank.

To remove unwanted files from a project entirely:

  • If you right-click on a file in the banks view, the context menu will contain “Go to” menu items for each sound def and simple event that uses that file. Remove the unwanted sound files from any sound defs and simple events that use them. Whenever you delete the last reference to an audio file, you will be prompted to remove that file from the project.

There is no “remove file” command in FMOD Designer. This is because FMOD Designer references files in external locations instead of copying them to a project-specific assets folder, meaning that such a command could potentially be misunderstood as deleting the file from your hard drive instead of just references to the file in the project.

To create simple events that look like the one in Capture4.PNG, select “Add Multi-Track Event” from the events browser context menu instead of “Add Simple Event.” This works because multi-track with only simple content (i.e.: basic multi-track events) count as simple events. For more information about how multi-track events can be simple events, see this post.

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Thank you very much! Though it’s now telling me that the new sound bank is not empty and must be to be deleted.

Ah, my apologies. It’s been a long time since anyone asked about FMOD Designer, so I misremembered how it worked.

Here’s a better method: If you right-click on a file in the banks view, the context menu will contain “Go to” menu items for each sound def and simple event that uses that file. Remove the unwanted sound files from any sound defs and simple events that use them. Whenever you delete the last reference to an audio file, you will be prompted to remove that file from the project.

I’ve updated my earlier answer with this information.

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Yikes! It crashed when I went to delete the last one and confirm to remove any unused objects. That was weird, but after that, it let me build it! And it works in the game! Do you know how I may lower the volume on the tracks?

Thanks for the bug report. I’ll add that crash to Designer’s bug tracker.

There are a number of ways to lower the volume of a track in FMOD Designer.

  • You can set the volume of a sound def in the sound defs view. The property can be found in the properties pane when the sound def is selected in the sound defs browser.
  • You can set the volume of an event in the events view. You’ll find the property in the properties pane when the event is selected in the groups or categories browser.
  • You can set the volume of an individual sound def instance in a multi-track event by clicking and dragging the top edge of the trigger region down.
  • You can set the volume of an individual track in a multi-track event by right-clicking on the track head and selecting “Add effect…” from the context menu, then adding a “Volume” effect and setting its automation curve to a different value.
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It works! Thank you so much for all your help!

One final thing, I don’t mean to be a bother, but you wouldn’t happen to know why the game wouldn’t read a specific file, right? Originally, it’s located in a separate folder in the game’s file system, but I laid it out exactly like this mod here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6zx788smcc1gw3n/workshop-1819289680.rar?dl=0

I’m also wondering why my .FEV is 200+ MB and this person’s mod here zipped up was only 18…

I’m not familiar with Don’t Starve Together, and so don’t know where it expects to find files, nor when and how it reads them. YOu may get better results asking on a forum dedicated to modding that game. If you have any questions about FMOD middleware, on the other hand, this is the place to ask.

Presumably your Designer project contains more metadata than the project you are comparing it to. Without access to both projects, however, there is no way to say for sure exactly how their metadata differs from yours.

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Sorry, here’s mine: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s65jrttezmyxw8a/sound.rar?dl=0

And yea, they’re not replying to me on the actual game’s forums, so I’m not sure what to do. Thank you though!

Looking at that link, your .fev appears to be only 14.01 kB, a figure comparable to the other project’s 15.62 kB.

I suspect you may have meat to compare the two projects’ .fsb files, which do exhibit a larger difference in size. The size of an .fsb file depends on the number and length of the audio files assigned to it, as well as to its compression format and quality settings. You can adjust the compression format and quality of a bank in the banks view’s property pane.

For more information about bank compression format and quality, see the Banks chapter of the FMOD Designer user manual.

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I’m sorry, but I’ve run into a new problem: I downloaded FMOD Designer off archive.org and my version again is 4.44.64, and when I try to edit or create a simple event, it does this upon trying to add a new sound:

(mine is the blank one with the “/”)…and me nor can the other person who helped me by inserting those songs you see in there now can figure out why. Is my Designer buggy?

Also, I’m trying to edit the “work” music in DST but it’s displaying this weird window: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/647235628513230878/647575806356357129/unknown.png

…and it only lets me add a song to one “bar” of that, and thus it won’t play the song in the preview.

The most common cause of the “blank slash” playlist entry shown in your screenshot is trying to add an audio file on a drive other than the drive that holds your project. FMOD Designer records the location of every audio file in your project as a path relative to the project’s .fdp file, and so cannot locate audio files that are on different drives.

I’m afraid I don’t understand.

That screenshot shows the multi-track editor, and does not seem to feature any unusual-looking windows.

What do you mean by “Bar?”

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I’m referring to the segments of the gray area separated by black lines. When I right-click add a song to that, it only goes inside the segment I clicked, turning that blue. Not the whole thing that doesn’t have the black lines separating it, like the usual multi-track event has (like in my first few screenshots).

So because the song I add is only going inside and coloring one segment of that big gray box, it won’t play it (I’m guessing because it’s not encompassing the entire box). No idea, but I hope I explained it thoroughly enough.

This is the normal behavior of the multi-track editor when an event has at least one parameter. To extend the sound def instance (the “box”) over more of the parameter, resize the sound def instance by clicking and dragging its right or left edge.

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Well, I thought I finally figured this out and got my mod up on the workshop.

I’m starting over and I’m still having the blank slash problem. But both the project and my music files are located on D drive. I’m using this mod https://www.dropbox.com/s/o7lp946n92iwlpj/music_mod_tutorial.rar?dl=0 with this guide: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/113860-tutorial-creating-music-mods-using-thescraps-and-kleis-music-mod-templates/?tab=comments#comment-1286896

Basically when trying to create the “jukebox” simple event, and I try to add music files, it does the blank slash thing.

In FMOD Designer, select “Window > Project Properties” to open the project properties window. You’ll see that the audio source directory is set to “C:\klei\DoNotStarve\contentsrc\sound”. Replace this path with a path to a folder on your D: drive, and it will work.

When I said “FMOD Designer records the location of every audio file in your project as a path relative to the project’s .fdp file,” I was oversimplifying. I should have said “FMOD Designer records the location of every audio file in your project as a path relative to the project’s audio source directory, and by default a project’s default audio source directory is the directory that contains the project.” You’re using a project you downloaded from somewhere instead of one you created yourself, however, and in that project the audio source directory has been set to a location on the C: drive. Changing its audio source directory to a location on the D: drive will allow Designer to find files on that drive.

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Thanks to you, I was able to publish my first music mod! Umm, but yet another problem came up… I started a new project using the same provided tutorial files as before, I copy and paasted the events rather than make new ones. Yet when I go to build it, it only builds for a second and creates just the .FEV and says it failed the .FSB when I check Output. Here’s the project file: https://www.mediafire.com/file/98zceylq0sm9dkl/music_mod.fdp/file

I’m sorry to bother you so much, I really do appreciate it.

Could you paste the exact contents of the build output log? It’s the section of the build dialog that appears when you click the “Output >>” button. Are there any error messages that appear when building?