FMOD Documentation Redirects

Hi all. Most of the online documentation for the Unity integration (2.1 and 2.2) redirects to the integration’s “welcome” page (which is currently blank), rather than the actual documentation. Looks like the same is true for the Unreal integration. Is there somewhere else I should be looking for the FMODUnity API reference meanwhile?


Edit: It looks to be affecting the Welcome page, and the RuntimeManager and StudioListener API pages.


Unfortunately, the Unity integration docs is not included with the download.

Can you confirm that you cannot see the Scripting API Reference | RuntimeManager page?

What browser are you using?

Thanks for the response. When I initially checked yesterday, I tried Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. I’ve just tried on iOS Safari and RuntimeManager still redirects. StudioListener is now visible.

Thank you for the information.

Can you please provide specific links that are broken?

As of yesterday, all of the documentation was (and still is) accessible again. Thanks!

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