FMOD doesn't switch output from speaker to earphone automatically on S10 Plus

On my Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, FMOD automatically switches output from earphones to speakers when I unplug, but not the other way around.

Even after plugging in, FMOD keeps playing using the device’s speakers only.

This happens on S10 Plus with both 32bit and 64bit versions of the FMOD core library. (The latest 2.00.11)

However, the issue doesn’t occur on my S7 Edge, so I’m very confused.

For your information, the app runs better on S7 Edge which is old and low-powered compared to S10 Plus.

I mean, on S10 Plus, I constantly get light clicking noises, so I thought I needed to increase the buffer size, but on S7 Edge, such noise isn’t there at all, so now I don’t know what it is.

I guess this may have something to do with AAudio, because FMOD chooses Open SL ES over AAudio on Android 8.0 devices. (S7 Edge runs Android 8.0)

So, I’ll give it another test with Open SL ES on my S10 Plus when I get back home.

Update :
Yes, just switching from AAudio to Open SL ES fixed all the issues.
No clicking noises, no switching output issues.
I tried both 32bit and 64bit versions.
By the way, I was originally talking about wired earphones but to understand the issue better, I also tested with wireless earphones and found the same issue is there and can be fixed with Open SL ES too.

Conclusion :
FMOD API has two bugs with AAudio.

Is this document outdated?
Why is it saying Windows only, when Open SL ES on Android does it too?

Also, you should change the line “Android - AAudio. (Default on Android 8.0 and above)” to “Android - AAudio. (Default on Android 8.1 and above)” in this page.
I’m the guy who told your team about the AAudio bug last year.
Google messed up with AAudio on Android 8.0, so when an app uses AAudio on Android 8.0, it will crash.
That’s exactly what happened with FMOD so after my report, your team fixed to use Open SL on Android 8.0.
So the page needs to be fixed too, not to confuse others.

Hi jiyongman,

I’ve added the documentation updates for the next version. The automatic device switching is now generally supported across our platforms - however, previously it was only Windows in addition to the platforms whose output type automatically handled switching such as android and ios.

We have previously run into device specific headphone switching (primarily with Samsung devices) with AAudio. We added a fix in 2.00.10, but as there is still an issue, we will investigate further.

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Oh, I see. Thanks!