FMOD error 51 on Samsung S7 EDGE


I’m trying to figure out why I keep getting FMOD Error 51 when trying to initialize fmod with a Samsung S7 EDGE running on Android 8.0.0.

Here are the logs I receive when looking at the logcat of the device using a search filter “fmod”

I/fmod: SystemI::init                            : Initialize version=11006 (95384), maxchannels=512, flags=0x00000000
I/fmod: FMOD_OS_Init                             : Detected CPU family: 4, features: 0x7F, cores: 4.
I/fmod: FMOD::supportsLowLatency                 : Low latency = false, Pro Audio = false, Bluetooth On = false, Acceptable Block Size = true (192)
SystemI::setOutputInternal               : Setting output to 'FMOD Audio Track Output'
OutputAudioTrack::init                   : Device is running API level 26.
W/fmod: OutputAudioTrack::init                   : Only mono, stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 supported, defaulting to stereo.
I/fmod: AudioDevice::init : Min buffer size: 7744 bytes
AudioDevice::init : Actual buffer size: 8192 bytes
E/fmod: AudioDevice::init : AudioTrack play caused IllegalStateException
E/fmod: OutputAudioTrack::init                   : Could not init Java object.
I/fmod: OutputAudioTrack::close                  : Closing...
OutputAudioTrack::close                  : Done.
I/fmod: SystemI::close                           : Closed.
I/AudioEngineFMOD: FMOD Error : 51

I tried debugging quickly our init method and I get the error “FMOD_ERR_OUTPUT_INIT” when running this

bool AudioEngineFMOD::Init()
    if( ErrorCheck(FMOD::System_Create(&m_system)) )
        return false;

    if( ErrorCheck(m_system->init(512, FMOD_INIT_NORMAL, 0)) ) <=== This init returns the error
       return false;
    return true;

First this to check is that you have followed the steps listed for Android:

Is this only occurring on that particular device or others as well?

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