Fmod for generative music

I need a bit of help understanding the quantization feature in fmod. I have some audio tracks with multisounds on each syncing samples of different instruments. When I play they all start in time but slowly go out of sync and looking at the timeline I can hear and see that the beats aren’t in time. My question is, does the quantization work with each randomization or at the start like a pre delay. Also is there a delay between each randomization in the playlist as it sounds like there is?

Quantization is applied once when the whole multi sound starts, rather than when each individual playlist entry starts.

With a looping multi sound, any playlist entries that are played after the first will be played end-to-end, rather than being spaced out to line up with quantization points. There shouldn’t be any delay between playlist entries in this case.

Could you describe what you’re trying to achieve in more detail? We may be able to suggest a setup that will work the way you want.