How to delay the start time of each sound module/multi?

Hi you guys.

So, I totally thought the “Delay & Quantification” function was delaying the start time of the sound module, when in fact it just means the sound will start to play the remainder of the sound wherever the play head is depending on the interval trigger.

What I’d like to do is set a random interval where the sound module’s start time is randomized within the timeline.

I know this may be confusing, so I made a quick video explaining in short visual detail:–WxFY-R4

Let me know if this is possible. I know I could just export multiple versions of the same sound with different added silence times before the actual sound plays, but that just adds to the memory.

The reason why your sound files aren’t starting from the beginning is that your sound modules are set to be synchronous; Synchronous sound modules always play the part of the waveform that is under the playback position.

If you want your sound files to start playing from the beginning when using delay and quantization, you just need to set the sound modules to be asynchronous. To do this, click on the ‘Async’ button that appears in the deck when the sound module is selected.


Oh wow. Rookie mistake! Thanks so much for this, really!

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I also had this same problem, but first time I clicked Async above the multi clip in the dock it didn’t work.

I ended up clicking about a bit more and it now does work!