FMOD for UE 4.15 doesn't work with Oculus 4.15 branch

(Alex Zubov) #1

Here is my predicament - stock UE 4.15.2 has bug with Oculus Online Subsystem, where I can’t build release for distribution. However, that bug was fixed in Oculus 4.15.2 unified branch of UE4.

The problem is that Oculus 4.15.2 unified branch of UE4 doesn’t recognize FMOD plugin as supported and doesn’t load it.

So, I am pretty much stuck with a project I can not publish :frowning:

Any idea what wouldn’t FMOD work with Oculus branch when it works perfectly fine with stock UE4 of the same version ?


(Cameron Baron) #2

What exactly is happening when it doesn’t recognize the plugin?
Are you getting any errors or warnings?

(Alex Zubov) #3

This is what I am getting:

(Cameron Baron) #4

The plugin needs to be recompiled (eg. in visual studio) when changing UE4 engine versions. Otherwise you could delete the plugin and copy in a fresh version.

(Alex Zubov) #5

I did delete it and copied latest from your Download page - same error.

Is there a guide how to build FMOD plugin from source?

(Cameron Baron) #6

At the bottom of:

If you have the plugin in the project directory, rebuilding the project will recompile the plugin.
Otherwise, if the plugin is in the engine directory, you will need to rebuild the engine. (Note: the plugin currently doesn’t work when in the UE4.15 engine directory)

(Alex Zubov) #7

I think the documentation is outdated and not applicable to current FMOD version.

“Delete the FMODStudio/Binaries/Platform/UE4*.* files. Leave the fmod libraries in the binaries directory!” << there is no Platforms/ folder. All platforms are loose in Binaries/ folder.

“Copy the plugin into YourGame/Plugins/FMODStudio” << What is “YourGame/” ? Is it root folder of the project folder? Is it “<Project_Name>/Content/Plugins/FMODStudio/” ? Either way FMOD source doesn’t appear in project’s solution after regenerating it :frowning:

(Cameron Baron) #8

“YourGame” is the project root folder.
So FMOD goes in “YourGame/Plugins/FMODStudio”.
The Content folder should not contain the plugin.

The binaries mentioned will be in “YourGame/Plugins/FMODStudio/“PlatformName”/UE4*.*”

(Alex Zubov) #9

Thanks @Cameron Baron

I was able to compile FMOD using that method and Oculus branch loaded it without a hitch.