Oculus UE 4.16.2 and FMOD don't get along

So, I got Oculus branch of 4.16.2 because Epic’s seems to have bunch of issues with Gear VR deployment. Built FMOD from Github for it - no errors, no issues.

When loading my project with newly compiled FMOD, Oculus UE4 says it’s an incompatible plugin.

At the moment github is the same as the normal integration download, which does need to be recompiled to run in UE4.16. There shouldn’t be any reason it won’t work on the Oculus branch.

Normally if you get the popup “Missing or incompatible modules in FMOD… would you like to disable it?” Selecting No will attempt to build to project with the plugin.

Also make sure when building the plugin that visual studio is set to Development Editor.