FMOD from scratch and in depth for beginners

Hi, I am sound engineer and I am very fresh and new at using FMOD. I cant find any really understandable in depth tutorial from scratch, which explains how FMOD is working under the hood, how everything is connected, how to use parameters and which ones, etc. I am quite comfortable with audio processing part of FMOD on its own (working with effects, mixing, etc.) but I am pretty confused with how this all is connected and is working with games (parameters, banks, triggering, etc.)? It seems one need to be a hard core coding programmer to be sound designer using FMOD and UE4 for instance. I would really appreciate any help and guidance and if there are any good instructors & tutorials (I am surprised I cant find much on Google or elsewhere, FMOD TV on YouTube is not really helpful to me with just few, mostly old video tutorials which are not very explanatory)? Thank you very much in advance!

Cheers, don`t bother, I am almost done with learning FMOD on my own via manual, so thx…for nothing:PPP:))