Do I need any programming in the integration stage?

Hello. I already know I don’t need any programming knowledge to work within Fmod, but when I’m putting events inside the engine (in UE4, for example) that have automated parameters via Fmod, how the hell do I link those parameters to actual stuff in the game’s project? For example, how do I make another instrument trigger when health drops below 50? This might be a very silly question, but it’s been boggling my mind for a while now. Do I need to study Fmod API for that?

You should be able to set parameters without prior knowledge of the FMOD Studio API.

Have you read the Parameter Track section of the FMOD UE4 Integration User Guide? It describes how you can create parameter tracks and use keyframes to control them via the Sequencer.

There are also graph functions that you can use to set the value of parameters in blueprints.

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Hi Joseph, no I haven’t, I’ll read that! Thank you!