FMOD Github procedure

Good afternoon, I’m curious about the correct procedure to host a public repository on Github which contains the FMOD UE4 plugin, would the preferred method be to refer users to the FMOD site in order to obtain the plugin, or would it suffice to attribute ownership on the main readme?

The project is currently registered here on FMOD and the open source project is not intended for free redistribution if that makes any difference.

Thanks for your help.

The official stance is that users should only download from FMOD the FMOD site currently. We allow binaries to be distributed (ie for a non engine, fmod.dll would be ok to distribute), but not the full api.

The more this happens the more unofficial sources of the API there are and then people are sourcing old versions from non official sites more often than coming to to get updated builds, documentation, examples and support.

We have the ability to do engine licenses for people that want to distribute FMOD as a part of an engine, this is typically a commercial license.