Can we commit the FMOD API to our integration libraries on github?

I am currently working on an FMOD integration for Haxe. Are we allowed to commit the FMOD API files to our repo or include them in our releases?

Hi ,
You are allowed to redistribute the dlls only typically with a product.
If there are more files involved for compilation, we typically dont want the SDK broken up into parts. This is why we recommend users download the full package from our website.

I am sorry, but I don’t understand if my library is considered a product or not: github repo

When I say product I mean a released game or application.
If if are writing a wrapper for sometihng, the dll rule still applies. I can’t see any fmod API files in that github repro (maybe im not looking hard enough), but generally it is ‘dll only’

I am explicitly leaving the API out of the repo as to not break the rules. The readme explains how the user can download it and put it into the library once they clone it down or pull it in using a package manager. The only files the repo relies on are fmod.dll, fmodstudio.dll, and fmodstudio_vc.lib (provided by the user)

im ok to include the libs as they are pretty much bound to each other , just make sure the user is aware fmod is not a free library if they use it.

Thank you! I have added a note to the first section of the readme regarding your license.