Fmod Item Volume

Hi. Simple question here :

I saw somewhere that gain effects were a lot less expensive in cpu ressouces than track’s volume fader. Does the single/multi instrument “volume knob” count for a gain knob or a track volume knob? Thank you !

The volume faders and gain effects are exactly the same thing. Introducing gain effects into the chain would actually have a performance hit compared to just using the faders (however this is such a small difference it’s negligible).

I think I didn’t phrase my question correctly.

I saw that VOLUME AUTOMATIONS were less expensive when applied to gain knobs compared to fader knobs. Does the gain effects and volume faders are still the same thing in this case ?

The amount of resources needed for automation is not affected by what it is automating. Each automation process will add a little (negligible) overhead but you shouldn’t notice any major performance hits unless there is a large complicated automation process. Automating gain effects or faders will have exactly the same performance.

Thank you for those precisions !