Effect bypass automation function plans?

Hi there!

I was just wondering if there was any plans to introduce a bypass function that can be automated in your events in the near future?

I think this would be a great addition that many people would appreciate and could really add more depth to event design.


Would it really allow some things that we can’t actually do with snapshots, or automation on effect settings?

Yes. This feature is already in our feature and improvement tracker. I’ll add you to the list of interested parties.

Yes and no. It is true that effect bypass automation won’t allow you to achieve entirely new audible behaviors.

However, it will also make certain common event behaviors much easier to implement and maintain - much as magnet regions make it much easier to implement and maintain behaviors that could potentially also be achieved by using transition regions.

In addition, bypassing an effect stops that effect from using CPU time and memory to process the signal. Being able to automate effect bypass would therefore be useful for resource management.

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